Best Comedy Movies of All Times

Best Comedy Movies of All Times

We often end up watching movies that come under the comedy genre but are not funny at all. Here we discuss all the movies that are funny and comical. We also discuss what makes these movies so funny, that you can find exactly your kind of comedy to watch. 

Horrible Bosses 

When talking about comedy movies, horrible bosses is one of the best movies to laugh to. Both parts one and two are unstoppable, as the action keeps moving. One night out of drunkenness, the three friends exploited by their horrible bosses hire a hitman to assassin their employers but things don’t go as planned. After they have hired the hitman, they go through a series of adventurous events and continue to get harassed by their bosses. The film is one of the best comedies, and not a minute goes by without making you laugh your heart out. 

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We’re the Millers 

This is one of those movies where the adventure never stops. The pack of four smugglers act like a family and get on their way to smuggle drugs from Mexico. The unstoppable adventure and fun-filled events will make your stomach hurt by laughing. The group goes through dangers and adventures together and the scenes of the movie are meme material. 

Million Ways to Die In West 

This movie is a little bit of emotions mixed with comedy. The movie shows us the typical face of the west, and that human lives were as unworthy as an ant’s. In a world full of gunmen, Albert is a very soft guy who is a shepherd. His girlfriend leaves him for a macho and he meets Anna who is new to town. The movie revolves around Anna and Alberts adventure and how she trains him for a gunfight with his ex’s boyfriend. The movie is perfect if you want to watch a cowboy comedy. 

21 Jump Street 

The movie is about a pair of young-looking cops who disguise themselves as high school boys and investigate the crimes going on in schools, colleges, and teenage venues. They trade guns and weapons for bag packs and set out to shut down a dangerous drug ring. The two friends go to the same school they went to as kids and they face the same old teenage angst again as if they have gone back to being young again. The adolescent angst is what makes the movie so funny and hilarious. 

The Hangover

Gone for Doug’s bachelorette trip to Las Vegas, they get drunk and party hard. When they wake up in the morning, Doug is missing and his three pals are hungover trying to remember what went wrong. The wedding is in two days and they try to locate Doug to take him to Los Angeles in time to walk down the aisle. All three parts of the hangover are one of a kind, and if you want to watch a suspenseful comedy, this is the movie for you. The movie is the funniest and what makes it funnier is the characters of the three best men trying to locate their friend. 

Johnny English 

This movie doesn’t even need recognition as it already comes in one of the best comedies. With the mediocre sky Johnny English in charge of the security of the royal Jewels the spy goes wrong on every step and make things even more twisted until he meets up with an Interpol crime-fighter Lorna Campbell who helps him on his mission to save the jewels. 

The movie revolves around their adventure and the cat and mouse race with Pascal Sauvage. The events that follow are funny and hilarious and Rowan Atkinson’s acting makes it one of the best comedies of all time. 

Miss Congeniality 

An extremely tomboyish female cop Gracie Hart gets to be a model in a beauty pageant that has security threats. Gracie hart is taught to be girly and goes through a transformation to be able to look like one of the girls from the pageant. On her duty, Gracie Hart tries to act graceful and girly. On her journey on trying to mingle with the girls and finding the culprit, Gracie acts like someone she is not. Her acting like a girl, doing her duty, and fighting the misogynistic remarks from people who know her are the things that make the movie a good comedy. The movie is pro-feminist and comical. 

If you love watching movies that are fun and take the depression away, watch these movies for an unlimited episode of laughter and fun. 

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