Best Bollywood Thriller Films You Must Watch


Since the era of black-and-white films to the present colorful periods, Bollywood films have been known for its iconic mystery and exciting plots. The plots of the best suspense films kept you captivated till the final ending, and you couldn’t leave until it was finished. Currently you can view these classic films in Vidmate, which enables you to experience an everlasting experience of excitement until the film’s climax.

Here is a collection of excellent crime films that will provide you the essence of the story and which you must include to your watch collection.

  • Darr

Yash Chopra created and directed this lovely thriller film in Hindi cinema. With Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Deol, and Anupam Kher in the lead roles, the film is known to be the highest thriller film in Bollywood. The movie’s strength is that it portrays the finest negative character, and the plot revolves around Rahul’s obsession with the film’s heroine. With unexpected twists throughout the movie, the audience is kept fascinated and the thrills are increased in the last segments. It is well-known for receiving two film fare honors and being one of Shahrukh’s best acts.

  • Mardaani 2

The film is the ultimate with a fascinating atmosphere, and Rani Mukharjee returns with a punch. The film trailer gives you chills, which adds to the exhilarating experience of seeing Gopi Puthran’s film. The film is regarding a serial murderer who rapes teenage girls and women in the town, and Rani plays the part of putting an end to the murderer.

  • Kahani

This is among the most dramatic Bollywood films, with a plotline around Vidya Bagchi and her attempts to locate her disappeared husband. The plot is captivating and keeps the audience involved in the film. The videography in the film is applauded since it is flawless in expressing the crew’s personality in Kolkata. The film has earned 5 trophies as a result of these features.

  • The Body

The film is to a good extent an exhilarating encounter, created by Jeethu Joseph, and with the finest body performers, it has achieved new dimensions. The film revolves around a body that has gone missing, as well as Rishi Kapoor is on the case. This has indeed been a must-see film for you to include to your movie library.

  • Trapped

The film is believed to be another suspenseful and thriller mixture launched in 2017 with Rajkumar Rao as the lead role, who becomes imprisoned in his newly rented property. The hero loses contact with the outer world due to a lack of electricity and charges in his cell phone. With only a few people and dialogues, the film elevates the story to new heights. This film maintains the suspense till the film’s climax without disrupting anything. The film has received 3 film fare prizes for its innovative approach.

Who doesn’t enjoy a movie that is gripping and suspenseful? You may now view these films and discover a different level of excitement in your life because of the all-new Vidmate app.

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